After the events of this year, we know that your holiday is an especially precious time for you, your family and friends, and we’re delighted that the easing of lockdown means that we are able to welcome you to The Drey.

If you have stayed with us before, you will notice some changes at The Drey. Many of these have only been made in the interests of your and our health and, in our opinions, detract from the homely welcome we prefer to offer our guests. We hope that, whether yours is a return visit or whether this is your first holiday here, you accept the reasons for the lack of finishing touches and can imagine just how much more welcoming The Drey looks with them.

The risk of your contracting Covid-19 while staying at The Drey has been minimised. In compliance with Government and Visit Scotland guidelines we’ve created a list of things to consider before you arrive, whilst you are at the property and before you leave to return home.

While practising social distancing, please be aware of the heightened sensitivities of the local community as the area opens up.

Are you fit to travel?

If you or any of your party develop or have any symptoms of Covid-19, or receive a track and trace alert within 14 days before or after your holiday, please inform us straight away. You will need to check your travel insurance regarding its cancellation guidelines.

If you or any of your party become ill or display any symptoms of Covid-19 or receive a track and trace alert while you are at The Drey, we respectfully ask you to inform us and to return home immediately.

Your car

If your car has not been much used over the last few months or has been limited to short journeys, a full check of tyres, water, oil etc. would be advisable before setting off in order to limit your number of stops en route. 


Essential items to bring with you to The Drey

There are some items which in the past would not have made essential packing, but which would now be wise for you to consider bringing, along with your midge repellent.

Face masks – useful if you are visiting any popular tourist attractions, where the volume of people might make social distancing difficult. Fabric masks should be washed each day so you may need to think about packing a few if you are planning regular days out.

Disposable gloves – if you need to top the car up with fuel or use an electric vehicle charger en-route.

Hand sanitiser – for when out and about, where it may not be possible to wash your hands.

Disinfectant wipes – please remember never to flush them down the loo.

First aid kit - including Paracetamol.

Thermometer – to ensure you can check for a fever.

Playing cards, puzzles, board games and books have all had to be removed from The Drey. Please remember to bring your own.

Clothes detergent – you may want to wash items such as your face masks.

Pets – if you are bringing your dog, please remember to bring the bed, blankets and towels as well as their food and water bowls.


While you’re at The Drey

Check-in/out times

With the current intensified cleaning regime, we have had to extend the hours of our changeover day and ask for your understanding. Please don’t check-in before 16.30 and we’d be very grateful if you could leave The Drey on departure day, before 9.00am

Housekeeping Guidelines -

Please prevail on every member of your party to wash their hands for the statutory period of time with the anti bacterial soap provided each time you return to the property.

Tickets/advance bookings - entrance numbers of some local attractions are currently reduced, to allow for social distancing. Please check before you leave and if possible book your slot in advance.


On the day of departure.

Thank you for bringing your own bed linen and towels. Please shake the sheets as little as possible when stripping the beds and bag the linen securely for your journey home.

For the safety of the cleaners, please leave the mattress and pillow protectors along with used oven gloves and tea towels in a sealed bin bag outside the back door.

Waste and bins

Please ensure that all rubbish and waste is disposed of responsibly and securely in sealed  bags and left in the appropriate bins at the road entrance.

Keys - return to the key safe and duplicates to the key rack above the washing machine.


Our commitment to you.

It is very important to us that you should enjoy your holiday. Although all regulations and guidelines will have been rigidly adhered to in our efforts to ensure that the Drey is deep cleaned and virus - free when you arrive, your holiday here has ultimately to be at your own risk.

We sincerely hope that no-one in your party contracts any disease at all, that you enjoy a relaxing, well deserved break and return to The Drey when we don’t need to be so prescriptive.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.